Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There Was Pink on the Roof

It was dusk and I could see pink on the neighbor’s rooftop
out the living room window from where I sat at the dinner table. 

The boys were watching baseball on TV. I could hear 
that the score was close and the right team was winning. 

Normally, I would have been watching the game 
with the boys, but that night I was at the dinner table, 

it was late, and I could clearly see the fading pink 
on the roof of the neighbor’s house. 

She was talking when I got up to take a shower. 
She was saying something to me. 

I finished my shower when all the hot was gone. 
The wrong team had come back to win. 

The curtains were drawn over the living room window. 
I sat at the dining room table. It was late. 

I tried to figure out when it was 
I’d shrugged my shoulders for good.

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