Monday, June 25, 2012

The Coffee Girl

The coffee girl is beautiful.
Her jade eyes find me, she smiles.
I can only look down.
Mumbling my order,
my heart races,
my cheeks flush.
"Thank you."

She twists her curls subconsciously
when I compliment her hair.
She blushes, restrains her joy.
"I was running so late
I just threw it back."
"It's nice fluffy."
"Well, thank you!"

I drive six miles out of my way
to enjoy her youthful bounce,
implied invitation.
"Usual, today?"
I pay her.
Our hands

The coffee girl is beautiful,
I yawn between morning stretch
and obligatory
morning kiss upon
dear wife’s cheek. All
I want is
one smooth

Poetry Quarterly - Summer/Winter 2012

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