Monday, June 25, 2012

Shiny Blue Crow

I befriended a shiny blue
crow on the cold soggy
sand of the Lincoln City shore.

We walked awhile,
not side by side, but along
similar enough paths,

each enjoying the odd
malodor of fish and foam
upon salty sea air.

She never once looked at me
squarely, too skittish to find
comfort in companionship.

Occasionally acknowledged,
sideways glances expended
effort from busy pecking.

Still, I followed, tracking
her trail, hoping she might
light upon my hand,

rest atop my shoulder.
Whenever I neared,
she fluttered

just out of reach,
beyond my grasp.
Lingering awhile,

I watched her move away,
watched the distance
between us grow.

Poetry Quarterly - Fall 2011

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