Sunday, July 1, 2012

The New Boss is from Hawaii

Hola, Knife River Company,
how can I help you?

Annie, this is Dan.
Why are you answering
the phone that way?

It’s Hawaiian-Shirt Friday.
Didn’t anybody tell you?

Annie, hola is Spanish.
Don’t you mean, aloha?

Dangit. You’re right.
Let me start over.
Aloha, Knife River Company,
how can I help you?

I need to talk to Fred.
Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me
about Hawaiian-Shirt Friday?

Maybe it’s because
you don’t know how to hang loose.
Maybe it’s due to fear
that you will show up
in a grass skirt and sandals –
my god!
Do you still want to talk to Fred?

Yes. Please.

Well, I’ll have to send you
to voice-mail. He is busy eating
a pineapple and Spam sandwich.
Mahalo and adios.

The Waterhouse Review - Summer 2012

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