Monday, December 10, 2012

A Blessing for My Sons

May you each find a girl who

doesn’t mind wearing pig-tails
as long as you never pull them,

loves math and animals
and kissing you where it hurts,

has a stand on Roe v. Wade
but would never stand for you v. her,

can wink at the checker when choosing
between the milk and the bread,

is loved for the shirts off her back
and comfortable arms that know how to let go.

May you each find such a girl
and tell her you did and you will
and you do; then keep your word.

When your girl becomes your wife,

sink deep into the soft of her
and let her find rest in the firm of you;

put your ear to the ground and discover
her tender names and endure their sweetness;

bask in the folding of blankets together,
the soapy smell just after showers;

revel in the smile of your favorite chair being moved
to a pretty spot too far away from the wood-stove.

The Broadkill Review - December 2012

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