Friday, March 1, 2013

Just Afterwards

There is a moment
in the just afterwards
of early morning loving,

just after
all the dizzy
subsides into clarity,

just after
breathing hard
turns once again easy,

just after
fingertips retrace
the fair of her very soft landing,

just after
giggles and high praise
and pillow-talk upon my chest,

just after
a final nibbled
reminder of the sweet of her.

A bit longer
after the surprised
interest, the unspoken
concurrence, the first deep
breaths, the wanton flailing
of all that covers, the softest
of hard kisses, the finding
of her eyes.

There is this moment
in the just afterwards
of early morning loving

as my mind flinches
toward the shower and worn denim
and my shoulder reacts against the sunrise

when she says,
"Please don't leave, yet."

The Legendary - Issue 40

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