Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Survive the End of a 22-Year Marriage

Lean over the rail and drop it.

Make sure you’re plenty high
because there are things to do
before the splash.

Drop it and shake-out
your hands and arms,
let them get used to the lightness.

Look over the rail;
beware the dizziness
and the urge to jump after.

Linger a bit; watch it turn small.

Now is the time for crying
if you think it will do you any good,
but do not lose track of time.

Here’s where things get difficult
and take real nerve. Reach around
into your back pocket; grab hold of your knife.

Raise it right up to your throat,
so close you can feel the blade
scrape with every dry swallow.

Hold it there and watch
as this thing you released continues to disappear
until it just touches the surface

and the line between you and it turns taut;
just then, jerk the blade sideways –
cut the noose.

Shadow Road Quarterly - June 2013

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