Thursday, August 22, 2013


Even if the soggy footprints
we leave at the edge of the sea
refuse to provide proof of our passing through,

even if the briny air carries our conversation
only as far as the first gray breaker,
even if that shiny blue crow continues

its just-in-time hop always only this far
out of reach before squawking a rebuke
in our direction and grabbing the wind,

the quiet space between the crush of waves
and our small talk, the slide of your hand
from mine as you hurry ahead for a piece

of driftwood you send all the way back
to the random wandering of its kind,
the way you let me lift you and spin us

around and around during our barely
being able to kiss for the laughing
will all have happened nonetheless.

San Pedro River Review - Fall 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What If

It’s a coyote howl
against a Bloody Mary moon;

panting awake wet
from the shivering ache of a nightmare
in which you'd found contentment;

a cold stroll in the dark
as footsteps not your own gain ground;

black-sooted bricks, phallic
within the smoky smolder
of everything lost;

dipping your toe into cobalt blue
and hoping for a few moonlit ripples.

It’s bumping into her,
stammering at the green in her eyes,
reminding her of your name.

Crack the Spine - Issue 76

Monday, August 12, 2013

Statute of Limitations

for Josh

Sure, I’m going to miss the bayou
for awhile and the redneck foreplay
of my favorite bouncer’s double-tap,
moving a little lady’s Bowie knife
as she slides all the way over
to the sweaty middle, and kisses
that taste like stale beignets and Jim Beam.

But I think those swamps will miss me, too,
especially deep inside where it’s quiet,
and the secret ways we kept each other fed.

Off the Coast - Summer 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reservoir Road

I know where the bats live 
on Reservoir Road,
where I used to pedal faster
in the after-work black 
of my adolescence. 

The broken glass at the top 
of the abandoned 
plywood mill allowed 
eerie squeaks to escape 
into the darkest parts 
of my imagination, 

teaching me then 
how good a thing 
a porch light can be.

Decanto Magazine - Summer 2013