Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear Bernadette

I walked into our house (my house now),
after our friends helped you move everything out.
All of the underneath was exposed.

My recliner was in the corner; thanks for leaving it.
I was glad the refrigerator was gone
because I really wanted a beer.

I never knew our bedroom could look so big,
but it did without our bed in it. Thanks
for leaving me a dresser and my clothes.

The closet was nearly empty and for, the first time
in over twenty years, my hang-up clothes could hang
without wrinkling. I remember smirking at that.

There was a nearly full roll of toilet paper
in the bathroom and a soft bar of soap in the tub.
Thanks for those, too.

The day after, I bought a vacuum
and some pine-scented chemicals.
I saved up and bought new furniture –

all dark brown and strong.
I put plants in the breakfast nook,
watered them. Oh, I also left

our old family portrait up on the wall
right where you left it, right where I could see it
from the recliner – where I slept for the rest of the year.

Fifth Wednesday Journal - Fall 2013

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