Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Job: Advice for Raising Your Second Ten

Don’t get too attached.
Rock them to sleep at night,
but hum your dirges

so they won’t learn the words
until they’re old enough
to not understand.

Tell them bedtime stories
that help them fall asleep worried
about never waking up again.

Make them eat
bitter greens and vinegar.
This is good for them.

Leave for your flocks
in the morning while it’s still cold
and everyone else is dreaming

and turning over and over in their beds.
Don’t come home until the sky is done
with its wispy red tease

of something significant about it all.
Come and go in the same darkness
that fogs your vision and makes you slouch.

Spend your evenings staring at purple clouds
as if you care which way they turn.
Drink lots of wine.

Laugh sparingly and grunt often.
Avoid eye contact
lest you be reminded of someone.

Fifth Wednesday Journal - Fall 2013

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