Thursday, January 2, 2014

Like a Grasshopper in a May Meadow

So much life,
   so much green,
      so much dew on my feet,
         so much eye-squinting sunshine

and hot wafty
   late morning melancholy
      that keeps me from sailing
         the effervescent puffs of white.

So much wanting
   to leap and never
        come down. So
             much lush. So much

thick. So much rain.
   So much not knowing
        how brief a spring can be
             and how little there is to be

gained by bouncing
   from here to there
        and, in no time at all,
             becoming a wingless,

dry, empty thing
   lifted by a mockery
        of wind and so much


Burningword - Featured Author, January 2014

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