Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I could

easily change
my train of thought
anytime I wanted to.
I could

stop closing my eyes
so I wouldn't see you
nursing at her breast
or reading the funnies or
running around the coffee table
in your big red fireman hat
shooting every imagined thing.
I could

close the tap on the drip
of my relentless regret
when, in your teens,
I got beat by
                    more fear.
I could.
I could.

But, what about
that flat leather football,
this tangled green fishing pole,
your Catcher in the Rye?

Avatar Review - Summer 2014

Life Is Doubled-Over Coughing and Waiting for the Next Swift Kick

It’s the ache and the blear
of coming-to after chloroform.

It’s never blasting-off
over smoky thunder
and finding yourself
an easy hum.

It’s skipping gears
on its way to fifth
and passing in the median
until red lights flash.

Life is rubbing fuzz
from your eyes, staying put,
pulling the covers all the way
over your head.

It’s pressing your index finger
against her lips for as long as it takes.

Avatar Review - Summer 2014

Words Love Her

Words love her the way a soft bottom lip
loves to be tugged
by kisses less about goodbye than about confession.

They glide around her hips like brand new skinny jeans
sliding all the way down
into soft leather boots with a heel so high her walk turns

into a red-hot double-take as wicked as the smolder of her gaze.
Words turn her cheeks pink
as the passion of missing someone even one second too long,

and they tease her into giggles of pretending
she doesn’t understand
hidden implications or all the words best left unsaid.

Avatar Review - Summer 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On the Twentieth Straight Midnight of Rain

I stare out our window to the rhythm
of your not knowing I’m awake again.
I press my cheek against the damp

glass and watch my breath turn nimbus.
Raindrops fall through the white fuzz
of the streetlight as I squint to remember

there was a time when I did not know you,
did not spend every sleepless night
comforted by the sound of your dreams.

Blue Earth Review - Spring 2014