Sunday, May 15, 2016

How Do I Love Thee

I love thee

I love thee
disco ball sweat like it’s 1979.

I love thee
Tito Puente timbale rhythms
grooving almost as fast as the space
between our first kiss and infinity.

I love thee
black leather vest
and chaps on a chopper.

I love thee
warm apple pie
sweet a la mode
hot right off thy belly.

I love thee
six ways to sundown
and one long ride all the way back.

How do I love thee?
How do I not love thee?

I love thee not
like twenty layers of fine white lace
hanging between thee and me – unless
it’s the very last layer so thin against thy skin
it begs the question.

I love thee not
down on one knee
asking please.

No. I love thee
down on both knees
pleasing the center of thy tease.

How do I love thee?
Just try to count the ways.
I dare thee.

First appeared in Chiron Review - Spring 2016

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