Saturday, June 4, 2016

Poems I Admire #13

Kevin Convinced Me to Drink

the bottle, a brown eyeball caring me to blink.
I was fourteen and unsure how I felt about white people
but I knew I didn’t like beer, especially beer pong

Kevin was white, and liked beer. He said
it’s what men do. They drink beer and watch sports
and get into fights or else they are a pussy

I remember thinking this must be racist in a way
against women. I had never seen a pussy before
or any type of vagina, but I knew what a pussy was

from the movies we all watched at Kevin’s house.
In seventh grade, Brandon took off everything
except his sneakers, chased us around the house

a beer in one hand, his pinkish-white genitals
in the other. We ran around screaming and laughing
while he called us gay and threatened to cream on us

I giggled and said that must be racist
against gay people and probably women,
and we at hot pockets,

Kevin grabbed a couple of brewskies from his dad’s stash
said, you don’t seem that black to me,
and punched me in the chest.

First appeared in Radius

Aaron Samuels is a Pushcart-nominated poet, a TEDx speaker, and an acclaimed facilitator of critical identity discussions. Raised in Providence, Rhode Island, by a Jewish-American mother and an African-American father, Aaron discovered spoken word poetry at age 14 when his English teacher told him he was not allowed to break meter. After declining this advice, Aaron went on to become one of the premiere performance poets in the country, featuring on TV One’s Verses & Flow, HBO’s Brave New Voices, and TEDx Washington University. His work has appeared in multiple journals including the Tidal Basin Review, Apogee Journal, and Muzzle Magazine. His debut collection of poetry,

Yarmulkes& Fitted Caps was released by Write Bloody Publishing in fall 2013.

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