Saturday, November 26, 2016

Loud as Dragonfire

One feature common among the winged creatures of mythology
is their overall readiness to curse. The Middle Ages were covered
in dark brown gravy thickened with flour and seasoned with salt.

I would have made an excellent rack of ribs. Hope never draws
sharks or flies; it draws things that go from gray to blue to gray again
and, on late afternoons, beach up on stars. Worry, however, likes

to get drunk, stupid, and stumble to bed. Fear loves posting selfies
of its frowns and lap-dances for a better set of brushes or another
shot of turpentine. I discovered that recently while writing love notes

to half-drunk karaoke blondes on the far side of the bar who sounded
just like monks moaning chants after drinking seasonal ale and turning
loud as dragonfire.

First appeared in The Homestead Review - Fall 2016

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