Galleywinter Poetry Series

The Galleywinter Poetry Series is my attempt to promote the kind of poetry I love. No more complicated than that. It is just me finding poets whose work I especially admire and asking them if I can publish some of their previously unpublished poems. Contributing poets are gifted a small monetary appreciation from me and my wife.

Beginning in 2018, the plan is to publish three poems by each of four poets every year - one poem each month, one new poet every three months.

I hope you enjoy the poems and find new poets to help enrich your literary life the way these poets have mine.

Note: Works published in the Galleywinter Poetry Series may not be reproduced, electronically or otherwise without prior consent by the authors or their agents. Copyright remains with the author. Work published in the Galleywinter Poetry Series is done with the author’s express consent.

All submissions are solicited and unsolicited submissions are not accepted.

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  1. A lovely idea, Danny! Best of luck! xoxo Alexis.